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Smart control installation in Sheffield

Here at BPH, we are specialists in fitting smart system controls and working out the best way for you to heat your home, whether it is a thermostat that be can be controlled via an app on your phone, smart TRVs that allow you to turn radiators on and off remotely or smart controls that allow your heating system to run more efficiently we have the knowledge and skillset to meet your needs.

We are Honeywell Connected Specialist, a registered Google Nest Pro and a member of the Drayton 9° Network. All these systems offer something different for your home.

Honeywell evohome

Honeywell evohome is a unique system that allows you to create zones in your property without the major upheaval of repiping your house. It allows you to replace radiator valves with the evohome heads and assign them to zones.

With evohome, you control your home temperature room by room. Smart zoning means you only need to heat the areas you’re using, keeping you in control, saving energy and creating your perfect comfort zone.

Smart Zoning for Your Home

Your evohome lets you create and control up to 12 smart heating zones, so you can make an individual zone for the living room, kitchen and bedroom. Now you can be cosy in the rooms you’re using ­– and turn the heat down in the ones you’re not.

Control where you need it

Control your home heating and hot water when you like, wherever you are. Keep in touch via the Total Connect Comfort Intl App, web browser or voice assistants, whether at home, at work or on the road.

Energy efficient

Did you know that around 82% of your home energy bills are for heating and hot water? But with evohome smart zoning, you only heat the parts of your home that you’re actually using, saving precious energy and money.

Google Nest

Google Nest offer a full smart system. Their Nest learning thermostat is in our opinion the best thermostat on the market currently but now they have added additional devices like carbon monoxide alarms, doorbells and cameras so you can create a full home system that is all controlled on your phone.

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But a smart control just isn’t about it being controlled via your phone. We offer smart controls that actually increase the efficiency of your heating system, rescue fuel consumption and bills and improve the comfort of your home. This can vary from running on a protocol via OpenTherm, using load compensation or a weather sensor that adjusts the temperature of your heating depending on the outdoor temperature.

If you are interested in smart controls please do t hesitate to get in touch via our website contact page, 07583684720 or email us at info@blakemoreplumbingandheating.co.uk.

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