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Gas Safe Superheroes

Recently I am proud to say I got asked to be there ambassador for Sheffield for the Gas Safe Superheroes team.

Educating, Empowering and Energising!

The Gas Safety Superheroes is a nonprofit social enterprise and initiative, founded by Paul Hull and driven by an amazing team of ambassadors, that aspires to raise awareness and improve gas safety methods. We strive to educate and empower engineers, merchants and manufacturers in the industry to create and drive positive change.

Their first project was too raise awareness of using a Gas safe Registered engineer.

Always having your gas safe card on display and ensuring this is always shown to every customer. Educating customers to ensure only Gas Safe registered engineers are used.

I’ve realised that no matter what loyalty schemes are offered or advertising campaigns that are run, change in this industry is entirely dependent on consumer education and I now acknowledge that that education isn’t the responsibility of Gas Safe or iGEM, or the manufacturers with big budgets - it’s down to me - and every other gas safe engineer in the country.

I have also realised that education comes from the conversations we have with our customers whilst we are servicing, by continually showing our cards, by engaging with the customers who insist on watching us and helping each customer understand how they can extend the life of their boiler and ensure the safety of their home.

And then went on to promote proper and correct gas servicing and raising the importance of annual servicing to homeowners..

Promoting the need for improving boiler servicing standards in a consistent and evergreen manner.

Although we all acknowledge servicing must be completed to meet manufacturers recommendations, it is important that customers gain some understanding of what they should expect from a service and how to recognise the overall condition and safety of their boiler.

The Gas Safety SuperHeroes encourage regular servicing as it reduces the likelihood of breakdown and ultimately extends the life of the boiler. Annual servicing will also help improve energy efficiency and ultimately reduce the likelihood of damage, danger and death caused by Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

They were also a finalist in the H&V news awards 2018 and was invited to parliament to speak before the commencement of gas safety week last year. I will be trying to raise awareness and promote their values also in all I do. If you live in the S postcode area, or even further afield, and you ever need advice or to talk to somebody then feel free to call Damon at BPH on 07583684720.

Remember to always use a Gas Safe Registered engineer!