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Condensate Pro

 We all know by now about the troubles caused by  frozen condensate pipes, boiler lockouts causing no heating, hot water or both, being sat around waiting for an engineer to attend and paying costly repairs bills and callout costs to get the boiler running again only then for the issue to return or in some circumstances void boiler warranty’s due to incorrect installation. This has been an problem for condensing boilers during harsh winters which bring  cold weather condit...

Boiler Servicing.. Are You Getting What You Pay For?

Boiler servicing is as important as having the boiler installed correctly but are you actually getting a boiler service? With the increasing warranty lengths on boilers and servicing being a stipulation to uphold your warranty you want to know that it is been doing correctly, In a worse case scenario you could end up with the warranty voided and having to pay for an expensive repair.So how do you know if you getting a boiler service? Well firstly there is a misconception by many people, some ...

Weather Comp V Load Compensation - What is Best For Me?

So firstly what exactly are they..

Well they are actually similar in the way they work. Weather compensation will use an external sensor on a outside wall, preferably north/north westerly unless you have a Baxi and you can use their flue sensor IFOS, it measure the external temperature and adjusts the boiler flow temperature on how hot or how cold it is outside. Load Compensation works more or less the same but is reactive to the internal temperature.

Frozen Condensate?

Frozen condensates can cause boiler to stop working in cold weather. Read our guide to try and thaw out or prevent your condensate freezing. 

Why Does My Boiler Need An Annual Service?

Why Does My Boiler Need An Annual Service?

How often should I have my boiler serviced? Read on for some information as to why you should get your boiler serviced annually, some things to look out for that tells you that a boiler service may be required and a general boiler service checklist.