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Condensate Pro

We all know by now about the troubles caused by  frozen condensate pipes, boiler lockouts causing no heating, hot water or both, being sat around waiting for an engineer to attend and paying costly repairs bills and callout costs to get the boiler running again only then for the issue to return or in some circumstances void boiler warranty’s due to incorrect installation. This has been an problem for condensing boilers during harsh winters which bring  cold weather conditions, originally there were no standards as to which condensate pipes should be installed, over the years since condensing boilers have been fitted we have had a couple of severe winters. These winters brought to light that the original installation guidelines for the condensate pipes weren’t sufficient and that it needed an overhaul. The upgrading of the pipe sizing was then introduced from the original size of 21.5mm to the recommended size of 32mm if run externally and for the pipe to be insulated. 

Insulation is a way to protect external pipes but it looks messy and unsightly and the majority of people don’t want it. We have all watched videos showing us how to thaw frozen condesate pipes and just take it now as the norm that it will happen and expect it to happen in severe weather. But what if there was another way? This new product has been designed to stop this happening. Building regs state that condensate pipes should only run externally if an internal pipe run is impractical. It should be taken externally in a minimum of 30mm pipe before it passes through the wall and the run should be kept as short as possible to a maximum of 3 metres. Also an additional measure should be used; 

•insulate the pipework, with a minimum of 19mm wall thickness, class O lagging.

•fit trace heating

•fit internally a high volume syphon unit.

Condensate pro provides the answer for every external condensate run no matter what the circumstances, soakaway, gully, soil pipe or rainwater pipe. It provides a great solution to satisfy the building regulations and to protect against freezing. 

It’s no secret boilers are more prone to breakdowns during the colder months. Around 15.5% of boiler breakdowns occur in January and 12% in December. Unfortunately, it’s at these times around the holidays that people need their boilers the most to ward off the freezing temperatures. You’re more likely to be called out to repair a boiler and the condensate pipes during these cold months, which is why this solutions prioritise speed, easy installation, and a great appearance. We now use this product as standard on every external condensate run which is another reason we are set apart from other installers and company’s in the S postcode. It goes to show that we not only care about providing the best job on the day but to make sure that your boiler installation will last and be protected in the future. We strive to be the best at what we do and provide an unrivalled service and care package..